A refreshing sleep is essential for normal brain functions. An adult usually sleeps for 7-8 hours but few may need little more or less of it. Inadequate sleep may cause changes in mood, learning & memory problems, and abnormal hormonal rhythms. Sleep problems are divided into three major categories: Insomnia, hypersomnia, and hypersomnia.
Insomnia is characterized by inadequate/poor quality sleep. Hypersomnia is excessive daytime sleepiness and parasomnia presents with unusual happenings in the night.

Aim of the counselling: Identification and recognition of sleep related problem and training in getting refreshing sleep.
Objective of counselling:
1. Detailed evaluation of sleep-wake cycle and behaviour.
2. Identification and replacement of dyfunctional beliefs and attitudes
3. Education about sleep hygiene
4. Education and training in stimulus control, sleep restriction therapy, and relaxation technique

Sessions: It usually requires 3-5 sessions but may vary as per the extent problem.