Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:  Therapist teaches clients to increase awareness of thoughts, behaviors that influence emotions. Client’s dysfunctional thoughts which are underlying the present problem are challenged in an organized manner and clients are taught to practice that in practical life situations and discuss with therapists about difficulties he/she has experienced in applications.

It is structured, time-limited treatment which comprises 8–25 sessions, based on clinical presentation and symptom severity. Each sessions typically range from 45 to 60 minutes
in length, are generally scheduled every week,
and are often tapered (i.e., once every other
week, once a month) toward the end of treat-
ment.In general, the treatment
progresses through the following stages: (1)
thorough assessment of symptoms, (2) case con-
ceptualization/formulation, (3) psychoeducation,
(4) identification of specific measurable goals,
(5) practice and implementation of cognitive and
behavioral treatment strategies, and (6) relapse
prevention/booster sessions.