Domain name  getsvel is final

Menu bar should have following headings

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Logo:     Re-Shaping Mind

Your thinking                                            Alternative thinking

your emotions                                         Ventilation & Modification

your impulses/Urges                              Holding and releasing in healthy way

Our Team will have following headings




Format for Forms for all these will be as following

Name                                                       Age                                                            Gender


E-Mail:                                                                                Mob.

Qualification (Bachelor and Above):

Awards and Honours:


Rehabilitation Council of India Registration No.

Areas of Interest/Expertise:

Preferable time for consultation:

Agreement: I agree with terms and conditions of website(Option to visit for detailed terms and conditions)

Plz add an option to attach Photograph in form for experts.

Our Values will have following for headings

Qualified and Experts

RCI Certified

Confidential and Convinient

Professionalism and Dadication

Plz suggest diagrams/graphics for these.